June 17, 2016

Media relations

Media on street in Rome.

Royal Commission public hearing in Rome.

Communicating complex issues, or being the public face of an organisation – especially at times of crisis – can be daunting.

I can work with you to develop a strategic approach to dealing with the media, whether your aim is to build your profile, get a message across, or manage organisational reputation.

I have managed on-site media rooms at 40 public hearings for the national Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, including international and Australian media in Rome for the testimony of Cardinal George Pell – one of the biggest stories of 2016 (pictured).

I have managed crisis communications for child protection services in NSW, and generated positive publicity for complex issues in science and technology and the Australian criminal justice system, among others.

I have worked with many journalists across Australia on the development of feature articles and news and current affairs broadcasts. I am an experienced media spokesperson, and help prepare you for media interviews or organise professional media training through my associates.

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Whether on a one-off or ongoing basis, contact me to talk about what you wish to achieve with the media.